Corporate websites
OMEGALLIANCE (Operations Management Engineering Alliance) — a group of companies specializing in consulting in the field of production and operational management.
Digital, Visual.
In 2015, Omegalliance made a rebranding. It was necessary to update websites of all the alliance companies as well as the main site, in two languages: Russian and English.

To implement the project, we had very little time: for all work (from design to content development, testing and start-up) — two months.

In the end, we launched the first site two weeks earlier.
Website design is based on strong graphic content: photographs and illustrations. The main opening photos were made by Stas Stankowski in London, other photos were purchased at various web resources. In total more than a hundred images were processed.
Websites are developed in a strict unified style and are administered through a single content management system.
We made photo-session of all top-managers.
All sites are designed in a fully responsive web format.
Perfect image for all types of devices: from mobile phones to monitors with high resolution.
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